How do we know when someone is being genuine? How do we know if our friends are being true to us? Are we being true to ourselves?

These are all seemingly hard questions to answer, but they all have an underlying thought- one’s true self. So, how does one become his true self?

We tend to have different personas that we present to different people, both online and in real life. We have different profiles with different pictures, bios, and interests. On Facebook, you might put a bible verse and say you are a K-pop fan, while on LinkedIn, you say your job descriptions, and a list of software and programs as your “interests”. Then, there is Tinder, where you say “Dog person. Loves to cuddle. Netflix and chill.”

These seem like three very different people, so again, the question is, are any of these your true self? How do you find out which is your true self? How do you become your true self?

To help you answer these questions, we took it upon ourselves to list down the 5 stages of becoming your true self.

  1. Denial

You try so hard to hide your perceived imperfections and you are struggling to be someone that you’re not. You see all these advertisements on TV and hear about all your friends’ success stories and you want to be them instead of you.

We cannot deny who we are, nor should we. So, our advice to you is to just always be your unapologetically beautiful authentic self.

  1. Anger

You get offended whenever people point out your mistakes and your so-called flaws, and other things you know to be true but hate being pointed out because you’re not really mad at these people, you’re mad at yourself for being imperfect.

It’s important to be honest with ourselves and with other people, and to be humble enough to acknowledge our misgivings and other people’s opinions about them.

  1. Bargaining

You know you are flawed and different and so you try so hard to be like other people, to conform to their standards. You are willing to do everything you can, all to be deemed acceptable by society.

The thing is, we have to understand that we are all different and unique, and we shouldn’t have to “sand the rough edges” to fit into the mold. All our personality quirks are the things that make us who we are.

  1. Depression

You feel like you are missing something, like you are not good enough as you are, like you are incomplete, incapable, insufficient. All this makes you sad, so now, you’re not just incomplete- you’re also depressed about it.

Perhaps the most important lesson we can share with you is the knowledge that each of us, we are all already whole and complete. This was so from the start of our lives, this is so right now, and this will be so until we die.

We are all whole and complete, and nothing and no one can ever change that.

  1. Acceptance

If you have reached this stage, we are truly happy for you. You have wholeheartedly accepted who you are in your entirety, you are happy with yourself, and you are living your life to the fullest.

Acceptance of ourselves and our place in the world is essential to our peace of mind and our happiness. So,

Keep being you! You are awesome!