The Hidden Message Behind the Mystical Mythology! Sagar Manthan Reprised: When we dive deeper within, hoping to find hidden treasures, we are often amazed and resistant to the unwanted and the negatives that surface first! It is like aiming for a cleaner home but not wanting to see the dust during the work in progress…can we be a little kind to ourselves, and embrace whatever pops up, without labelling it as good or bad?

Scientifically proven path to greater connection and emotional well-being…a concept rooted in ancient Indian wisdom! How vulnerable have you been feeling lately? Here’s a smart hack to take your vulnerability a notch higher: BE COURAGEOUS IN GIVING AND GRACEFUL IN RECEIVING.

The Happiitude Podcast: “Embrace Life Series/ Chapter 2: Let’s Explore Vulnerability” What is vulnerability after all? Is it a sign of weakness or a symbol of strength? What’s the myth that surrounds vulnerability? Is vulnerability a display of courage or a cry of fear? If indeed its courage, how to build a work and family culture around it? What does vulnerability mean in social context? What does it entails to be vulnerable to life? Why is receiving gracefully so important, and how is it connected to vulnerability? Let’s explore these facets of vulnerability, in a thought-provoking conversation with Talu Sehra- Eckhoff (Master Coach @ Happiiitude and Founder @ Happy Matters) and Karan Behl (Founder & Chief Happiness Officer @ Happiitude). Leave your thoughts below. Also, if there is a topic you would like to suggest for our upcoming episodes, do share that as well.

Introducing the very first episode of the Happiitude Podcast Series – “Embrace Life”. In conversation with Talu Sehra- Eckhoff (Master Coach @ Happiitude & Founder@ Happy Matters) and Karan Behl (Founder & Chief Happiness Officer @ Happiitude); Watch out as they weave an engaging conversation around the most relevant topic in today’s time: “How to Thrive without worrying about Future?” Leave your thoughts below. Also, if there is a topic you would like to suggest for our upcoming episodes, do share that below.

Let’s shift our focus from watching out to diving in…are you ready for this journey?…the journey from DOING to BEING?

We live in a time where the demarcation between work place and home is getting blurred, the space for quiet is quite crammed up; and the time we allot to the multiple roles we play is overlapping all the time. The need of the hour, is not the Work-Life balance; it’s rather Work-Life Integration! It’s time to move back from being mechanical to being human; from performing tasks on an autopilot mode to consciously choosing the energy and intention we bring to the task. It’s time we turn the mundane routines to passionate rituals and create a more enriching and purposeful life. Here’s the video where we bring to you the formula for shifting from doing to being. If you would like to receive more of such tools, get in touch. Also, if you know someone who would benefit from it, feel free to pass it on Most importantly, have fun 😃🙏

We make so many plans, so many agendas…and then…LIFE HAPPENS! Are you ready to let go off your ideas on how life should be…and participate with life as it unfolds before your eyes? Let the journey begin…

Who wants to be bored? No one..right? And why to get bored because this is what everyone is trying to avoid. So how can boredom be beautiful?

This Diwali our tribe, Sends you blissful vibe, As a force from outside, Takes the world for a ride, We want to reach far and wide, With the message: Light up Inside With Happiitude by your side… Light up Inside Happy Diwali

As we grow into a bigger community, touching lives across the globe; as we connect and bond through shared vulnerability and acceptance, despite different languages and cultures; we@ happiitude feel immensely blessed to see our tribe blossoming from inside-out 😊🙏😃