Have you ever found yourself stuck in an infinite loop of ‘Doing it later’?

From snoozing the alarm for later to putting away a critical task that needs to completion, many of us are often stuck in the viscous cycle of procrastination.

How many times have you noticed when every “Now” turns into yesterday and yesterday and one more yesterday? This cycle of postponing may run ceaselessly until we stop it by force.

There are two kinds of forces that can break this endless loop of “doing it later“:

  • Wisdom of foreseeing the consequences before it happens
  • Wounds of the consequences after it happens

Unfortunately, most of the people opt the second force. They wait for things to go worse and opportunities to slip from their hands before they take action. 

But in reality, are these Actions or simply Reactions?

Actions Vs. Reactions

Actions are always taken out of wisdom by foreseeing the outcomes. That’s why they give us an opportunity to have some control over the future. Reactions are expressed as response to the wounds. That’s why they often make us the prisoners of the past.  

For example, trying to manage your anger is a reaction whereas catching your irritations which will lead to anger is an action. 

Action is always at the source whereas reaction is always around (just before or after) the outcome. Reactions bring more of fear, panic, & anxiety whereas actions bring more clarity, ease & joy. 

The Present

If truth be told, it does not really matter how you were at the last moment. The only thing that matters is how are you NOW at this moment!

At this moment, oh not that one, this one, yes this one, this one and yes this one too! Every moment is presenting you with an opportunity to choose. Probably, that’s why its called the Present.

This very moment, you’re given a chance to choose –

Are you going to choose to be Happy?

Or are your just going to be a fixed set of emotions, beliefs, values and judgment?